Welcome to the reconstructed TR-808 Zone. After being lost in space for so many years, my man Mhat the intergalactic beat engineer at the Phat Drum Loops factory had recovered all the particles and elements that were associated with the TR-808 star before it became a white dwarf and deteriorated in space. After the recovery, the question still remained. Who was going to take these particles and elements and reconstruct the TR-808 star? Still searching for a new founder, a rookie webmaster decided to step into the scene. After so many days in the basement laboratory with a drawing board, this new webmaster attempted to take entropy into another level by taking all the particles and putting them back into use with maximum potential. All in all, the TR-808 zone has finally been resurrected with some more advances and a new look to proceed on to the new era.

TR80 what? The TR-808 is probably one of the greatest and dopest drum machines of all time. The TR-808 made its blast during the early 1980's with its early hip-hop tracks such as the Soulsonic Force's "Planet Rock". With its popularity, the TR-808 became big in hip-hop production. From the Wild Styles beat to some of the underground hip-hop tracks you hear today, the TR-808 is one living legend in hip-hop. The TR-808 is an analog machine that pumps mad low-ends with that underground flavor that most digital machines can't do today. That is why many headz today still use the sounds of the TR-808 in their beats. That is also why some sample companies still make big money off TR-808 samples!

Use our Vintage Sound Time Machine to transmit you to our Drum Samples Zone. In this corner you will find all the complete sounds of the TR-808 and some other sounds from his other popular brother the TR-909 for you to download.

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Walk in the Visual Hallway to enter The TR-808 Zone's very own museum. Here, you will find various photos and pictures that you can view and download if you want. We also have the rare and old TR-808 advertisement.

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